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Administrative Counsel & Associates.

rev. ivan h. walters 
LL M, M.Ed, CLEd., LL.B (Hons.), BA (Theo.) (Hons.).  

Originally from Antigua, rev. ivan hugh walters resides in Barbados. He is a graduate of the University of the West Indies, Codrington Theological College, Sir Hugh Wooding Law School, and Vermont College of Union Institute and University. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with honours in Theology, Bachelor of Laws with honours, Certificate of Legal Education, a Master’s Degree in Education (Issues and Perspectives in Education), and a Masters Degree of Laws in Public Law.


He is a Civil Litigator and a Teacher of the Law in multiple subject areas, having taught at the Law Faculty, Cave Hill Campus, the Open Campus of Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados Community College, BIMAPP. Presently teaching Law for Health Professionals at the BIMAPP Institution, Barbados.

He is the former Chief Magistrate of Antigua and Barbuda, and Legal Counsel for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital re Medical Malpractice Law, among others for 13 years.


rev. walters is the author of: Education and Cultural Politics: Interrogating Idiotic Education (2010), No Sacred Place: Bad Faith, Lies and Illusions, (2011) and a third book pending: Law, Morality and Liberty: The Unfinished Agenda of Emancipation.

Tatiana G. Walters 
CLEd.(HWLS), LL.B (Hons.),BSc (Psy.)(Hons.).
Andrew C.S. Clarke
Dip. Legal Drafting, CLEd. (HWLS), LL.B.
Dario J. Brathwaite
LL.M (PL)(UWI), LL.B.(Hons.)(Lond.), BSc. (Hons)(UWI.)
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